Hi, I'm Eric! I grew up playing with a lot of disposable cameras and wasting a ton of film on pictures of my pets and reluctant family members. Fast forward to 2016, I stumbled upon my first DSLR camera. I got hooked on it and wanted to find a way to continue to improve my skills and buy better gear so began to focus on weddings. I really enjoy all types of photography and expanding on my abilities though. There is a good chance my lovely wife, Ingrid will be there by my side as my second shooter and a very important part of our growing business!

Featured in "The Perfect Wedding Planner" magazine

Our Strengths

We try to offer a variety of perspective on your big day. We love capturing images that many photographers won't focus on such as this reaction of the bride and groom's son. It is one of my favorite images and I love how you can just see the wonder and innocence in his eyes. We always make sure to have a wider angle lens going at all times to make sure we get the important moments and at least one longer length prime lens that can look a little more magical like this.

Behind The Scenes Wedding Day

See what it's like with us on a typical wedding day with our short Youtube video! Follow us along the beautiful grounds of the Cornealius Properties in Goldsboro, NC during the Dail wedding on 2/28/2023

wedding photographer second shooter

My beautiful wife/second shooter Ingrid

We are team Canon and have an assortment of prime and zoom lenses as well as on and off camera flash setups



Emily & Chris

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"Eric did an amazing job at our wedding. We love all the photos!!! He was very professional, was fast with response time, and our friends and family loved him! Thank you!"

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